You Can Help!

You, as an American citizen, can work as a Community Organizer, by finding just 5 fellow citizens that are friends or anyone that lives in the representative district where you live.

  • Ask them if they have the same concerns about the Trump Agenda items on our site.
  • Ask them if they will help you to promote this agenda. By voting for candidates that will support the Trump Agenda.
  • Ask them if they can contribute to this cause by also becoming a Community Organizer. By finding 5 fellow citizens that live in their representative district who agree with the Trump Agenda and will vote for candidates who will vote for the Trump Agenda.

And on Election Day, this November 6th 2018, as a Community Organizer, phone, text or drive your 5 committed voters and support each other in voting for candidates that will vote for the Trump Agenda.









The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. – Edmund Burke

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